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Westray Heritage Centre's summer season is over, but the centre is open from 2-4pm on Wednesdays or by arrangement with Angela Muir or Malcolm Cinnamond 

The popular Vikings in Westray exhibition will continue into the new year.

Contact Angela Muir or Malcolm Cinnamond at the Heritage Centre on 01857677414 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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During school holidays the Heritage Centre will be open on Monday Oct 17, Wednesday 19, Friday 21, Monday 24, Wednesday 26 and Friday 28 from 2-4pm.


Remembering Wartime Westray - a new project

Remembering Wartime Westray is being launched to coincide with the major Orkney commemorations of the Battle of Jutland and the sinking of the HMS Hampshire 100 years ago. Few, if any, folk remain from that time, but if anyone has family stories from home or from the battlefront, or if anyone has memorabilia we could photograph and record, please get in touch.



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A bronze age Skara Brae - new discovery at the Links of Noltland

named in world's top 10 archaeological discoveries 



On-line heritage and archaeology magazine Heritage Daily has named the Bronze Age "sauna" at Links of Noltland as one of the top 10 important finds of 2015.

The Bronze Age ritual building is encased within a stony mound. Standing less than 5m from the coast edge, the mound has lost all of its vegetation cover in the last 2 -3 years and is now eroding away very rapidly. 

Work in May this year revealed an almost perfectly preserved well house with a stairway leading down to 2.5m deep cistern.

The current excavation is investigating an associated building which is entirely encased inside the mound and would originally have been entered via a doorway in the side of the mound, and then along a narrow stone passage, some 10m long.

The main chamber was dominated by a large tank, set into the floor, around which four roofed cells provided accommodation. This part of the building survives to the level of the roof, although the central roof had collapsed inwards in antiquity, possibly as the result of a massive sandstorm. With the interior becoming engulfed with sand, the building was not subsequently disturbed and was found with two intact BA pots set over the filled in interior- possibly placed there as a votive offering. 

Feasting may well have figured large, other possibilities include use as a sweat-lodge / sauna are also likely.

Click here for Heritage Dailys top 10


Heritage Trust publications

 We have a selection of books about Westray available from the Heritage Centre. The most recent is Murdo Bews' War  which is available for £12 + £1.10 p&p. If you want to order a copy, email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll get back to you. We can accept payment by PayPal.




What's On, Aff, Been in Westray 


The island's newsletter is produced each month (usually the last week of the month) and is available in all the Westray shops or from the online sales section. Back numbers are also available.

You can order copies direct from the heritage centre and you have the option to buy a single issue for £1.50, or pay £16.50 in advance for 12 issues.





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